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       Pages: 160
       Size: 24x18
       Year: 2007
Viale Montegrappa
Open the book at any random page and half an hour just passes by. So fascinating are the photos (and accompanying texts) of the various Italian stadiums. The rise (and fall) of the stadiums of all Italian professional clubs, including clubs which long ago disappeared from the professional football scene, are described for each city.
Apart from the attention given to ‘football palaces’ as Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, the cosy little stadiums particularly fire the imagination. Look at the postcard of Stadio Dante Merlo in the Viale Montegrappa in Vigevano and dream when reading the text – that a ticket for the gradinata centrale did cost 8 lire and for the parti laterali 5 lire and that the stadium of Il Vigevano was opened on 21 April 1935 and that the club did play their last season in Serie B in 1947/48 - slowly away into the past. Every stadium tells its own story. What a book!

Note: 9 (out of 10)

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